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Issue Stories

Along the Border, Yankee, March/April 2009
The Most Controversial Woman in Maine, Yankee, March/April 2008
Trouble in Paradise (One woman's journey through Lyme tick country), Yankee, July/August 2007
His Own Way (Billy Best beats cancer on his own terms), Yankee, January 2005
The News from Jaffrey, NH (A prank, a death, a small town divided), Yankee, March 2002
Audrey’s Story (Comatose teenager believed to be miracle healer) Yankee, February 2000
The Long Vigil of Tony Burke (man refuses to leave condemned condo complex) Yankee, September 1999
Barna Norton Invades Canada (Maine fisherman fights the Canadian government) Yankee, March 1998
Pure Vermont (special issue on the state of Vermont) Yankee, October 1996
At Long Last Home (Reopening St. Joseph’s Church in Worcester MA) Yankee, December 1996
Miracle at St. Joseph’s (a Worcester congregation fights to keep its church open) Yankee, November 1993
Florence Holway’s Story (76-year-old rape victim fights to change NH laws that protect rapists) Yankee, July 1993
Town on the Brink (barrier beach broken, Chatham’s homes are exposed to the open ocean) Yankee, December 1992
The Price of Faith (Special Report on Christian Science Church) Yankee, July 1992
Troubled Waters (four-part series on water pollution in New England) Yankee, April, May, June and July, 1991
The Killing of Karen Wood (woman shot by hunter), Yankee, November 1989
Developing New England: The War of the ‘80s (four part series on land development and land trusts in New England), March, April, May and June of 1988
Is Folk Art Really Art? (folk art fakes and frauds) Yankee, December 1986
The Grave Robbers Are Back (stolen historic gravestones marketed in NYC) Yankee, May 1986
Voices of the Valley (five-part series on the Connecticut River) Yankee, September, October, November, December 1985 and January 1986
Norman Rockwell Painted Here (unveiling an icon) Yankee, March 1985
The Town that Disappeared (Colebrook River, Connecticut) Yankee, August 1984
The Curious Odyssey of Dennis Littky (unorthodox school principal) Yankee, October 1983
Now They’re Mining the Brattleboro Dump (pioneering methods to generate electricity) Yankee, March 1983
The Night the Lights Went Out in Monterey (energy conservation) Yankee, October 1981
It’s Against the Law to Knit a Hat at Home (Dept. of Labor lawsuit against home work) Yankee, June 1981
Miss America Comes to Brattelboro (debunking a national ritual) The First Issue, Brattelboro, Vermont, May 1974

Miscellaneous Feature Articles

A Sculptor’s Garden (St. Gaudens National Historical Site, Cornish, NH), Yankee, May 2002
The Once and Future Hartford (the Capitol city through the eyes of Bill Hosley), Yankee, March 2002
Mystery Chowder (aunt’s favorite recipe for fish chowder) Yankee, February 2000
In Sugaring There’s No Tomorrow (Howrigan family of Fairfield VT) Yankee, March 1999
The Answer Is in the Bees (Charlie Mraz’s bee sting cure for arthritis) Yankee, August 1997
200 Puppies Wagging Their Tails (Berkshire Choral Festival) Yankee, July 1997
A Long Love Chase (Kent Bicknell and Louisa May Alcott) Yankee, 1995
The Jesus Trees (strange formations in trees beckon to the faithful) Yankee, June 1994
Classical Gas (Dave Erickson, antique stoves, Littleton MA) Yankee, April 1993
Chapel on the Hill (Rev. Robt. Harvey makes a chapel from his woodshed) Yankee, December 1991
Who Grows the World’s Largest Pumpkins? (giant pumpkin growers exposed!) Yankee, November 1991
What Do You Get When A Tightwad Marries a Cheapskate? (Amy Dacyczyn’s Tightwad Gazette), Yankee, September 1991
The Corny Play that Could Run Forever (Denman Thompson’s The Old Homestead) Yankee, July 1987
The Bridge of Flowers Blooms Again (revamping a bridge that blooms) Yankee, June 1985
A Homegrown National Champion (the keepers of a giant oak tree) Yankee March, 1985
The Salinger Watch (waiting for J.D. Salinger to come out) New England Monthly, July 1984
What is the Sound of 2,500 Ball Bearings Falling? (Lewis Spratlan’s terpsitomaton) Yankee, October 1983
The Bricks No One Else Can Make (Royal River Bricks, Grey, Maine) Yankee, November 1982
Having a Roof of Stone (how to lay a slate roof) Yankee, May 1982
When a Woodstove is Worth Repairing (antique stove restoration) Yankee, December 1980
Ice Cream of Which Dreams Are Made (how to make ice cream) Yankee, July 1980
Coking Charcoal Down in Rattlesnake Gutter (a 19th century industry survives) Yankee, December 1979
Hand-Pumped Water from the Tap, Organic Gardening and Farming, May 1978

Book Extracts

Paul’s Stone (book extract, The Place He Made) Yankee, July 1994
The Passing of Paul Bolton (book extract, The Place He Made) Hope magazine, March/April 1996


Leave the Door Open, (homeland security, at home), Hope, November/December 2004
Waiting for Winter, Seasons magazine, January 2004
Rowing Home, Peterborough Chamber of Commerce Annual Guide, 2002
Eight Seasons or Three (elegy for short story writer Andre Dubus) Yankee, February 2000
The Immensity of Sacrifice (Memorial Day observance, Harrisville NH) Yankee, May 1998
Spiked Boots and the End of an Era (elegy for writer Robert Pike) Dartmouth Alumni Magazine, Apri1998
One Last Mountain (an enduring friendship that began on a mountain in 1937) Yankee, May 1997
Andre’s Odyssey (on the accidental life of Andre Dubus) Hope magazine, July/August 1996
The Flock (Christmas Eve essay) New England Christmas, Special Issue, December 1995
In Search of Sophie (finding an old family friend in Poland), Reader’s Digest, 24 international editions published throughout 1994
A Short Spring (memoir of my mother’s death), Yankee, May 1995
Light After Dark (essay on loss) Yankee, August 1991
Secrets, Northeast Magazine, November 1988
An Apartment in the Woods, Yankee Homes, February 1986
Pictures of Bim, Yankee, January 1986
Staying Through the Winter, Yankee, February 1984
Fog along the Maine Coast, Yankee, May 1984
When Bobbie’s Barn Went Down, Yankee, February 1984
Let Me Give You Some Blue, Christian Science Monitor, Home Page, May 1984
The First Frost, Yankee, September 1981

Town Portraits

Portraits of Peacham (Peacham, Vermont) Yankee, March 1998
Weston, Vermont, Yankee, October 1991
St. Johnsbury, Vermont, Yankee, October 1989
Cutler, Maine, Yankee, October 1988
Bethlehem, NH, Yankee, June 1988
Falmouth, MA, Yankee, December 1987
Northfield MA, Yankee, September 1987
Glover, Vermont, Yankee, July 1986
Squam Lakes, New Hampshire, Yankee, November 1984
Middletown Springs, Vermont, Yankee, October 1984
Whately, Massachusetts, Yankee, April 1984
The New Hampshire Seacoast, Yankee, April 1983
Freedom, New Hampshire, Yankee, July 1983
Connecticut Lakes, New Hampshire, Yankee, August 1982
New Hampshire’s Monadnock Region, Yankee, October 1982
Marblehead, Massachusetts, Yankee, September 1982
Hopedale, Massachusetts, Yankee, May 1982
Granville, Vermont, Yankee, March 1982
Townsend, Vermont, Yankee, December 1981
Along the Backbone of Vermont (The Long Trail) Yankee, September 1981
Mount Desert Island, Maine, Yankee, August 1981
Plum Island, Massachusetts, Yankee, July 1981
Provincetown, Massachusetts, Yankee, November 1980


The Center of the Universe, Murray Clark, Yankee, May/June 2010
Ted Ames' Grand Adventure, Yankee, November 2006
The Eternal Gift (Charles Borders), Yankee, April 2006
Thomas Moore, Yankee, December 2005
Joanne Woodward, Yankee, July/August 2005
The Once and Future Hartford (profile of Bill Hosley) Yankee, March 2002
Cesareo’s Magic (Cesareo Pelaez and Le Grand David and His Spectacular Magic Company, Beverly, MA) Yankee, March 2002
The Bard of North Adams (Joe Manning’s obsession with an old mill city), Yankee, October 2001
The Bird is Still the Word (former All-Star pitcher Mark Fidrych, now farmer) Yankee, June/July 2001
The Island Queen (Jennie Cirone, 88-year-old lobsterwoman of S. Addison, Maine) Yankee, April 2001
The Tin Can Man (man who crafted a tiny city out of discarded aluminum cans) Yankee, March 2001
The Power of One (Doris Haddock, 90-year-old crusader for Campaign Finance Reform) Yankee, January/February 2001
The Evolution of Sandra Martin (a home-based natural history museum), Yankee, November 2000
A Quilt for her Sister (Thelma Hanson, Lincoln NH) Yankee, July/August 2000
Jean Burden, Yankee’s Poetry Editor (Profile) Yankee, June 2000
Casimer’s Gift (Casimer Michalczyk, sculptor), Yankee, March 2000
Finding Venus (Valerie Cunningham searches slave history) Yankee, February 1999
A Company of One (Pierce Sears and his Twin Lights Bottling Company), Yankee, October 1998
The Story of Ruth (Ruth Farris of Cutler ME) Yankee, August 1995
60 People Who Made New England New England (Dorothy West, Dennis Littky, Marion Stoddart), Special 60th Anniversary Issue, September 1995
The Year-Round Gardener (profile of Eliot Coleman) The Old Farmer’s Almanac, 1994
Sailing Against the Wind (profile of artist Don Demers) Yankee, September 1993
Visions of the Valley (profile of artist Jamie Young) Yankee, August 1993
The Man Who Loves Turtles (David Carroll of Warner NH, artist and naturalist) Yankee, April 1993
A Visit to Amen Farm (essayist and gardener, Roy Barrette, Brooklin ME) Yankee, February 1992
A Quilter for All Seasons (Amber Densmore, Chelsea, Vermont) Yankee, January 1992
The Man Who Loves Grass (Melvin Longley goes to Washington) Yankee, August 1991
A Slave’s Daughter (Novelist Dorothy West of Martha’s Vineyard) Yankee, March 1991
The Fern Lady (Faye L. Campbell of S. Egremont, MA), Yankee, August 1989
He’s Still Designing the Perfect Plant (Elwyn Meader, Rochester NH) Yankee, July 1989
Another Rose for Provincetown (Flyer Santos, Provincetown MA) Yankee, January 1989
The Black and White of Berenice Abbott (photographer Berenice Abbott) Yankee, Dec, 1988
A Passion for Puzzles (Anne Williams, jigsaw puzzle collector) Yankee, November 1988
Still Buried by the Blizzard of ’88 (Judd Caplovich, collector) Yankee, September 1988
Hartford’s Historian (amateur photographer Tony DeBonee) Yankee, November 1987
Clara Chalmers, Bedford NH (Prize-winning apple pie baker) Yankee, September 1987
Bob and Ray: The Two and Only (comedians Bob and Ray) Yankee, September 1987
Getting Hooked on Fish Decoys (Paul Brooks, fish decoy collector) Yankee, March 1987
Jane and Michael Stern, West Redding, Connecticut, (Great New England Cooks) Yankee, February 1987
Twenty-five Years with Andre the Seal (Harry Goodridge and his famous seal) Yankee, November 1986
The Man Who Looked Back and Saw the Future (Wallace Nutting’s astonishing career) Yankee, September 1986
The Geranium Man (Franklin Emmons of Kennebunk ME) Yankee, February 1986
The Man Who Built a Town in His Backyard (Waine Morse, Greenfield MA) Yankee, December 1989
Josephine French, Groton, Vermont (Great New England Cook) Yankee, October, 1985
Stepping into the Limelight (Carolyn Chute, novelist) Yankee, April 1985
The Leatherman’s Keeper (Roy and Sarah Foote keep famous tramp alive) Yankee, February 1985
The Snowstorm Predictor of Millers Falls (Fred Pomeroy’s method) Yankee, November 1984
They’re Buying Everything from Scorps to Widgets (Richard Crane, antique tool auctioneer) Yankee, April 1984
Driving Horses Isn’t a Lost Art . . . .Anymore (Ken Demers, draft horse expert) Yankee, March 1984
Centenarian Chronicler of Country Life (Ruby Hemenway, newspaper columnist) Reader’s Digest, 1984
The Oldest Newspaper Columnist on Earth (Ruby Hemenway, newspaper columnist) Yankee, Jan. 1984
A Little Bit of Paradise (Bernard McLaughlin’s garden in South Paris, Maine) Yankee, September 1983
The Last American Flint Knapper (Frank Galinat, flint knapper) Yankee, May 1983
Dam that Brook! (Doug Milne’s hydroelectic power station) Yankee, April 1983
A Swarm in the Wild (Floyd Smith’s wildflower honey) Boston Globe Sunday Magazine, July 27, 1992
A Little Seed Company Grows Up (Rob Johnston’s Johnny’s Seeds, Albion, Maine) Yankee, January 1983
The Man Who’d Sooner Lamps (Herb Young, oil lamp collector) Yankee, November 1982
John Gilfeather’s Buried Treasure (reviving an heirloom turnip) Yankee, April, 1983
The Mushroom King (Tony Anzevino of Millers Falls, Mass.) Yankee, October 1982
The Man Who Builds Stone Walls to Nowhere (Ray Burke, stonewall builder) Yankee, March 1980
Abby Rockefeller’s Greywater Greenhouse (millionairess sells toilets) Yankee, January 1979

Travel Essays

Rockwell Country (Arlington, VT), November/December 2007
Two-Lane Beauty (Along Scenic Route 7) Yankee, October 2005
Island of Yellow (Nantucket’s Daffodil Festival) Yankee, April 2000
First Blush (An Aroostook County Odyssey), Yankee, September 2000
Too Beautiful For Its Own Good (Cobscook Bay ME, travel essay) Yankee, March 1999
Seven Perfect Days (The Berkshires, travel essay) Yankee, June 1998
The River That Settled New England (Connecticut River), Travel Guide to New England, 1996
My Own Private Iceland (Waitsfield Vermont, travel essay)Yankee, March 1994
My Own Private New England (favorite places, travel essay) Northeast, April 24, 1994
Festivals for Fishermen and the Fish They Catch (coastal fishing events) Yankee, May 1982
For the Dedicated Sweet Tooth (prizewinning chocolatiers around New England) Yankee, February 1982
Shopping Your Way Around Southern Vermont (handcrafted gifts) Yankee, December 1981

House for Sale (a regular feature of Yankee magazine)

Wilton, NH December 2002
Greenfield, NH November 2002
Bethlehem, NH October 2002
Kennebunk, ME September 2002
Bethlehem, NH July/August 2002
Kennebunkport, ME June 2002
Nauset Beach, MA April 2002
Thompson, CT March 2002
Colchester CT January/February 2002
Sunapee NH October 2001
Gilmanton NH October 2000
Bolton MA February 2000
Wellesley MA April 1999
Harrisville NH March 1999

The Garden at Chesham Depot (1991 to 1999)

Fall’s Last Flower, October 1991
Pine Cones, November 1991
Brussels Sprouts, December 1991
South-facing window, March 1992
Rhubarb, April 1992
Spring tilling, May 1992
Root cellar, June 1992
July peas, July, 1992
Sweet corn, August 1992
Weeds, September 1992
Chutney, October 1992
Cordwood, November 1992
Setting the table, December 1992
Potbound, January 1993
Dandelion wine, February 1993
Winter raspberries, March 1993
Forcing forsythia, April 1993
Transplanting ferns, May 1993
Summer solstice, June 1993
Praising Peonies, July 1993
Basil pesto, August, 1993
Fall canning, September 1993
Fall tomatoes, October 1993
The chicken barn, November 1993
The Flock, December 1993
Holding up the mail, January 1994
Cellar potatoes, February 1994
Spring snowstorm, March 1994
Compost lasagna, April 1994
Garden size, May 1994
The snapping turtle, June 1994
Summer lightning, July 1994
A child’s garden, August 1994
The old apple tree, September 1994
Heaven and Earth, November 1994
Christmas oranges, December 1994
New Year’s Eve fireworks, January 1995
The Garden Reader, February 1995
Forcing bulbs, March 1995
Fall plantings, April 1995
Stalking the wild milkweed, May 1995
Bleeding hearts, June 1995
In praise of marigolds, July 1995
Blueberry Lust, August 1995
Best Motorized Zucchini, September 1995
Goblins, October 1995
A Warm November, November 1995
The Devil in the Mailbox, December 1995
What’s in a Name?, January 1996
New Crop of Rocks, February 1996
Sap Bucket Blues, March 1996
Daylight Nuisance Time, April 1996
Pea Fences, May 1996
Shad Day, June 1996
Garden Angst, July 1996
A Kiss and a Harvest, August 1996
The Smell of a Bargain, September 1996
Cracking the Code, October 1996
Loving the Wall, November 1996
Beginning and End, December 1996
The Frozen Ones, January 1997
Hoe Nouveau, February 1997
The Unseen Garden, March 1997
A Fool for Daffodils, April 1997
Mayday! Mayday!, May 1997
Sleeping Under Glass, June 1997
Tiger Hunt, July 1997
Waiting for the Stars to Fall, August 1997
The Front Door, September 1997
Giving Thanks – Earlier, October 1997
The Applesauce Maker, November 1997
Half Buried, December 1997
Ice Flowers, January 1998
Geranium Morality, February 1998
Bluebirdiana, March 1998
Waking up the Truck, April 1998
Master of the Lawn, May 1998
Stealth Gardening, June 1998
Something Big Passed By, July 1998
The Rain Barrel, August 1998
Sunflower Worship, September 1998
Foliage Futures, October 1998
Cider Pride, November 1998
Guiding Lights, December 1998
Crystal Night, January 1999
Prayer Ice, February 1999
Riding the Ridges, March 1999
Consider the Lilies, April 1999
Leaving Chesham Depot, May 1999

The View From Mary’s Farm (1999 to present)

Entering Paradise, June 1999
Beginnings, July 1999
On the Beam, August 1999
Gideon’s Labors, September 1999
Baked Earth, October 1999
Gathering the Clan, November 1999
Still Standing, December 1999
Night Sky, January 2000
Too Cold for Memory, February 2000
Thieving Season, March 2000
Rare Sightings, April 2000
Apple Blossoms, May 2000
The Coyote, June 2000
Blessings, July/August 2000
Weather or Not, September 2000
To Save a Sheep, October 2000
Woods Work, November 2000
The Glenwood, December 2000
On an Evening, January/February 2001
Mount Trashmore, March 2001
Two Springs, April 2001
The Purple Line, May, 2001
The Wedding Cake, June 2001
Summer’s Scent, July/August 2001
Couch Dreams, September 2001
Where’s the Fire? October 2001
December Babies, December 2001
Sky Divers, January/February 2002
The Philosophy of Drift, March 2002
The Great Desertion, April 2002
The First Wolf, May 2002
The Treasures of the Field, June 2002
Struck Gold, July/August 2002
The Winter Mooring, September 2002
Fresh Paint, October 2002
Death in the Woods, November 2002
The Wheel of Christmas, December 2002
Under Cover, January/February 2003
Auction Magic, March 2003
Another Year of Mercy, April 2003
The Greening of New England, May 2003
The Red Badge of Summer, June 2003
The Hot Noise of Summer, July/August 2003
Summer Dance, September 2003
Cable Free, October, 2003
Thanksgiving on the Range, November 2003
Kindle Your Warm Hearts, December 2003
Adrift, January/February 2004
Piano Forte, March 2004
April Surprise, April 2004
Looking for Luck, May 2004
The Name of the Rose, June 2004
Magic Brew, July/August 2004
Taming the Wild Bittersweet, September 2004
The Giant Among Us, October 2004
Silent Storms, November 2004
Storm Home, December 2004
Winter Boarders, January/February 2005
Ice Damns, March 2005
The Cruelest Month, April 2005
Middle of the Road, May 2005
The Rhubarb Patch, June 2005
Down to the Water, Summer 2005
Shed of Dreams, September 2005
Blue Moon, October 2005
The Approaching Cold, November 2005
Seven Years on the Farm, December 2005
Bean Time, Winter 2006
Thin Ice, March 2006
The Good Apples, April 2006
A Dog's Name, May 2006
To the Lake, June 2006
Making Hay, Summer 2006
Kindling the New, September 2006
House Spirits, October 2006
Moose Lottery, Movember 2006
With Lots of Love, December 2006
The Winter of a Thousand Springs, January/February 2007
Peace Log, March/April 2007
Graduation Day, May/June 2007
Sneak Attack, September/October 2007
Raging Bull, November/December 2007
Orphan Holidays, November/December 2007
My Bohemian Paradise, January/February 2008
Holy Rummage, March/April 2008
Queen Bee, May/June 2008
The Digs, July/August 2008
Dark Waters, September/October 2008
Fruitcake Weather, November/December 2008
Keeping Watch, January/February 2009
Stillpoint in the Whirling World, March/April 2009
The Paradise, May/June 2009
Under the Exploding Sky, July/August 2009
On the Edge of October, September/October 2009
The Ice Storm, November/December 2009
February Secrets, January/February 2010
A Shock of White, March/April 2010
Return to the Old Country, May/June 2010
Red Is the Color, July/August 2010
Jazz Night, September/October 2010
Santa's Home, November/December 2010
Not My Grandmother's Paperwhites, January/February 2011
The Most Important Building in Town, March/April 2011
From the Ashes, May/June 2011
With a Little Luck, July/August 2011

The Best Cook in Town

Downriver Picnics, Laurie Lufkin, Essex, MA, May/June 2011
Sugaring Time, Marcia Maynard, Cabot, VT, March/April 2011
"Portuguese Penicillin,' Ruth O'Donnell, Provincetown, MA, January/February 2011
To Be a Locavore, Beth Richardson, Cape Elizabeth, ME, September/October 2010
Hazel's Food, Hazel Odell, Newburyport, MA, July/August 2010
The Cake Lady, Ruth Shackford, Madison, NH, March/April 2010
Memere Rousseau's Tourtiere, Penny Despres, Marlow, NH, January/February 2010
A Plentiful Table, Teresa Scenna, North Falmouth, MA , September/October 2009
Deep Stacks, Nori Odoi, Greenfield, NH, November/December 2009
Star-Spangled Goodness, Helene Harbage, Francestown, NH, July/August 2009
Blackberries for Ruth, Ruth Feeney, Bryant Pond, ME, May/June 2009
The Queen of Pudding, Tiny Weisblat, Pudding Hollow, MA, March/April 2009
Chief Chilihead, Jerry Buma, Northbridge, MA, January/February 2009
The Politics of Pork, Roger Andrey, Hingham, MA, November/December 2008
One-Pan Jam, Jan Duprey, Center Conway, NH, July/August 2008
The Winner, Verna Soini, Fitchburg, MA, May/June 2008
Yankee Chic, Courtney Hunter, Jamestown, Rhode Island, March/April 2008
The Turnip King, Geoffrey Antoine, South Yarmouth, MA, January/February 2008
Sweet Exchange, Mary Bevilacqua, Wellesley, MA, November/December 2007
A Natual Baker, Cheryl Wixson, Bangor, ME, September/October 2007
Good Food Grows Here, Kin Schilling, Hancock, NH, July/August 2007
Pick of the Crop, Elsie Maxwell, Cape Elizabeth, ME, May/June 2007
A Taste of Paradise, Maria Hatziiliades, Belmont, MA, March/April 2007
Johnnycake Queen, Barbara Stetson, N. Scituate, RI, January/February 2007

Home and Design

The Evolution of "Bachelor Hall,' Jilly and Alex Walsh, West Woodstock, CT, July/August 2011